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Logitech Harmony Elite Review

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Logitech Harmony Elite is a remote that can control TVs, set-top boxes, and consoles for lights, thermostats, wireless speakers, and connected internet sensors. Logitech has a history of making superior universal remotes and can control every IR device in front of your television. There are three elements to Logitech Harmony Elite. Namely, you have a remote, a hub, and an application, and this is one of the best designed, most convenient ways to use the remote. This remote is very easy to reach all buttons, right, and responsive.

This remote has a lightweight, and the rear grip is firm and resistant. The Harmony app makes remote settings via a simple smartphone, and installation requires Android and iOS devices and a computer. The Harmony application creates user accounts and also adds tools. Will guide the user through settings such as TV viewing activities, which allows one remote to be able to turn on everything. You can try to set it, including the model number, if applicable.

This remote is connected to the Hub wirelessly, which then relays commands to the device, meaning the remote can be used anywhere or in other rooms. Harmony Elite to Harmony Hub can connect your various devices via infrared, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and others. Harmony Hub equipped with two IR Blasters that can retrofit to expand its broadcasting footprint. And this means you don’t have to point the remote in a specific direction, and the response is much faster than the IR-based Logitech Harmony remote.

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Harmony Elite has functions that can combine devices, and list all your tools individually with complete control of each of their tasks. The smartphone application also functions as a remote, can control TV volume, and can activate everything needed to watch TV and adjust the primary channel. After you finish using it, press the select button off at the very top and can be turned off remotely. Harmony Elite sells for around $349,99.

Features and Performance

Harmony Elite brings together control over the universe of home entertainment and your smart home devices that develop into one dominant but the effortless experience. Delicately designed and featuring a color touch screen with backlit motion-sensing buttons and one-touch automation, Harmony Elite makes magical home controls universally intuitive. Leave the chaos of several applications and remotes, and let peace reign.

Harmony Elite works with more than 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices so you can enjoy one-touch control with your favorite brands right out of the box. From TVs, cables, and game consoles, to AV receivers and Roku media players – to smart lights, keys, thermostats, even your Alexa – Harmony Elite is proud to work with almost anything.

Control all entertainment experiences on your home TV. With Harmony, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, you can easily enjoy hands-free control of everything you like. Turn on the TV, change the channel, and control the volume, and start activities such as “Good Morning” to play your favorite music playlists, lift curtains, install lights, and heat the house temperature.

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Your voice makes everything work, like magic. Bring down the curtains, turn down the lights, turn on the TV for the night movie – all with the tap of a finger. With Harmony Activities, you can enjoy one-touch automation to trigger an extensive experience. Harmony automatically suggests daily activities, or you can have fun creating as much as you dream. Time to sleep? TTap Good Night to lock the door and turn around off the lights, then sleep soundly and soundly.


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