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Logitech Harmony Express Review

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To complete your smart home ecosystem, Logitech launches a remote control called Harmony Express. This remote can make it easier for users to connect and control all smart devices at home. Unlike most remote controls that carry many buttons, Logitech Harmony Express comes with a more minimalist design. This remote intentionally designed, not many buttons, Because Logitech wants to offer a faster and simpler user experience through voice commands rather than pressing a button.

For this reason, Logitech Harmony Express supported by Alexa virtual assistant. All you do is push a button middle button call, Alexa, then instruct Alexa by voice to control all smart devices at home. You designed as a Logitech Harmony Express universal remote that can connect to various models of smart devices. According to Logitech, Logitech Harmony Express can control more than 250,000 intelligent devices from TVs, lights, air conditioners, space heaters, and more.

Very easy for you to configure, Logitech Harmony Express, supported by the streaming application on the smartphone. Through this application, you can monitor, make adjustments to the search features available makes it easy for you to track whereabouts this remote if lost in the room. You can log in to the Logitech application itself, or you can use Google or Amazon. And you also have to install Harmony Skills for Amazon Alexa so that everything will be fun for each other. Logitech Harmony Express sells for around $249,99.

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Features and Performance

Harmony Express is a universal voice remote with built-in Alexa, so anyone can easily control their home entertainment. Just press-and-ask to launch the streaming1 application, go straight to your favorite channel, find out when your team is playing, or do anything at home that Alexa can do. Harmony Express allows you to control the latest digital media devices from TVs, media streamers, game consoles, and traditional home theater equipment.

Use the included mini IR blaster to extend control to devices positioned in a closed media cabinet. t. Harmony Express allows navigating your favorites applications, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO GO, and more. Harmony Express is not only able to watch TV, but it can also do almost anything Alexa can do. Just press and ask to find out when your favorite shows are active, get the latest weather, set a timer and reminder, and more.

Plus, anything that you already control via Alexa, such as a thermostat or a smart lamp, can also be controlled with Harmony Express. Forget about tracking devices, inputs, or settings. The Harmony Express application helps you efficiently manage and manage applications and tools – you can even link them together. So whether you want to watch your favorite shows, play video games, or relax with a movie, one command will turn on all the devices you need and make sure the settings are correct.

Long-distance like to disappear under the couch or between pillows. Use the Remote Finder and Harmony Express mobile apps to create audible tones to let you know where they are hiding. Owners with existing Alexa devices can easily ask Alexa to find the missing remote, all pressing buttons for home entertainment place easily. And each backlight so you can always find the right button, even in low light.

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Harmony Express uses Harmony’s extensive command library to ensure compatibility with a variety of home entertainment devices. And new tools are continually being added, so Harmony Express works with what you have today and what you buy tomorrow. Never hunt for batteries again – recharge Harmony Express using the included USB cable. Enjoy up to 1 month of battery life between charges.


logitech-harmony express-software
Logitech Harmony Express


The good: Small size with a simple design, the first Remote Logitech can control sound, Can be used remotely, and is durable.

Bad: Not all devices and services have a deep Alexa integration, still need Nerding on your hardware.

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